About the Island Builder…


Wanda Clarence was born 50 some odd years ago in what can be one of the coldest places to winter – Alamosa, Colorado. She was inspired early on by her Grandma Fay to have faith in God, read your Bible and pray every day, and…dream as far as your imagination can take you.

Her Childhood…

Wanda spent her childhood summers with her Grandparents in a log cabin in the mountains of Colorado. Tucked back in the Aspens with no electricity and a hand dug well for water, living off the land, life was simple. Once the chores were done, The Bible read and prayers said she was finally free to run and play. With acres upon acres of mountains, woods, and springs there would be no end to where her imagination would take her.

Years Later…

Life and certain situations found her living in Florida, a young mother of two at the time. Struggling to make ends meet, asking God for help to find a job, after a day of unsuccessful job-seeking she strongly felt Him say “No.” God was not going to help her find a job that day. Soon after, walking on the beach with her children He answered her prayer with a better plan, reminded her that she has an imagination and she should use it. That’s when she with her children, Lelah and James, went to work picking up small pieces of driftwood and seashells and creating “Islands for Sale.”  They did very well selling to the tourists at the local flee market. It helped to make ends meet, they enjoyed walking the beach, making the islands, and spending time together. Wanda reflects that if she would have found a regular job with minimum wage, what would have been left after paying for the childcare and gas back and forth to work – as throughout her life…God’s plan was much better!


Wanda now lives in New Mexico closer to family, spending time with her Grandma, who is now 102, in Colorado. As a member of The Redeemed Harvest Church, in Farmington, she is now the overseer of the Compassion Ministry – because God knew that along with an imagination she had a compassionate heart for young families who are struggling, as she had.

Her Passion, Dream and Vision

Her vision is that “Dream Islands” will not only create a flow of income to help to
support the Compassion Ministry which supplies food, clothing, diapers, etc. to those in need; but will also provide opportunities for the elderly or disabled to work from home to earn extra money to help make ends meet.

With her Faith and Trust in God and a little imagination, that is how “Dream Islands” has come to be.