Dream Islands

Fun gifts for fathers, moms, and grumpy bosses who need a ray of sunshine in winter. Check’em out below.



What would your happy place look like?

Each island has a theme, and Daydreaming of vacation in the sun? Invite a friend on a vacation and send them their very own island, propose to your sweetheart with the Getaway Island message in a bottle. You can customize your island  link to the custom page.

Dream yourself off into the waves with Surfs Up Island. Escape into fishing bliss, with Gone Fishing Island, or beachfront property on the 18th Hole Island. Miniature beach bags, golf clubs, hand made fishing pole and hand tied fishing flies are part of the fun! You can pick an island as it is, or make a customization to personalize it. [add description and wording for each island]flip-flops

We offer several theme islands perfect for a fun present for family, friends or Father’s Day! For example, Fun in the Sun Island comes with a sand castle, beach balls, flip flops, and a setting sun. “Surfs Up Island” or the “18th Hole” golfing on the beachfront may be more your style!

Each is one-of-kind hand-crafted  with beach sand, palm trees and real sea shells and starfish. Islands are approximately 5” x 7” x 6” height.

Play to hear the waves