Getaway Island

Relax in a hammock, read a book and warm your toes by the evening campfire under the starry sky. And add your own words to the message in a bottle - propose to your sweetheart, tell someone you miss them, or that vacation is just around the corner - "Thinking of you" is the standard message in the bottle.

Items included on Getaway island:

  • Hammock with book
  • Camp fire, with battery operated glowlight
  • Beach ball
  • Flip flop sandals
  • Message in a bottle - the standard message is "Thinking of you." Customize your message below.
  • Palm trees, 2
  • Tiered waterfall
  • Flowering plants and sea grass
  • Seashells
  • Starry night background
  • Dimensions: approximately 5” x 7" x 6” height

The standard message in a bottle is "Thinking of you." You can customize your message with the Customize message button below.


Add the touches to make the island more personal, from music to sports, seagull, starfish and more on the Accessories page.

Each island comes with its own land deed and a free sailboat.